Monday, December 20, 2010

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Year in Review: April 2010

Easter and ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague , Netherlands, for the case of UPM paper (ex Botnia ) is as Highlights of this fourth installment of the yearbook.

That was in April :

01 : The model Nicole Neumann claimed that she was robbed in the Buenos Aires district of Quilmes, but could never be confirmed because of his wavering statements. Even a witness questioned the statement of the model.

02: During Friday and in the act of commemoration for the 28 years since the beginning of the Falklands War , the President urged to negotiate to Britain on sovereignty in these lands.

05: Federal Judge Norberto Oyarbide quoted a statement from Prime Minister of the City of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri , for the sake of eavesdropping, which was already charged to Jorge Fino Palacios and Cyrus James, prisoners the criminal Marcos Paz.

06: The Equal Connect plan was launched by the President, to deliver free netbooks high school students in public schools .

On a sporting level, Lionel Messi scored 4 goals in Barcelona win 4-1 to Arsenal in England and put his team in the semifinals of the Champions League .

07: The deputy governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Alberto Balestrini , suffered a stroke ( ACV) and underwent emergency surgery in La Plata. His improvement is very slow, but is still hospitalized.

In terms of the economy, China suspended the import from Argentina soybean oil, which generated great fear among farmers.

09, was held Civil Registration neighborhood of San Nicholas first marriage among women in Argentina's history. The stars were Norma Castillo, 68, and Ramona Arevalo, 67. Were brides for 30 years.

10: Polish President Lech Kaczynski died in Smolensk, Russia , the crash of the plane he was traveling he tried to land in fog . The accident killed 96 people -among whom was the wife of the Polish president, congressmen and military, and there were no survivors. The Polish delegation was headed to witness acts of commemoration for the 70-year Katyn slaughter , where killed 22 thousand Poles at the hands of the Soviet Union during World War II .

In another, defeated Barcelona 2-0 to arch-rivals Real Madrid with a goal from Messi .

12: Footballer Martin Palermo became the top scorer in the history of Boca Juniors, with 220 goals since arriving in La Boca in 1997. scored two goals in Boca's victory against Arsenal de Sarandi 4-0.

Moreover, in Catamarca was released Guillermo Luque, convicted of rape and murder of María Soledad Morales in 1990, which forced the resignation of governor Ramón Saadi .

14 : The Argentine Senate approved the list of Mercedes Marco del Pont and ratified as head of the Central Bank .

16: In a confusing episode, was arrested Roberto Larosa adviser deputy Claudio Lozano (South Project), he tried enter an office of the Ministry of Economy .

19 : Venezuela celebrated its Bicentennial with the presence of a large part of Latin American presidents.

20 : The International Court of Justice in The Hague , Netherlands, ruled, in a Solomonic ruling that the statute violated Uruguay Uruguay River to the installation of the Botnia paper and Argentina failed to prove the existence of contamination in the riverbank. Thus, the now ex-UPM-Botnia continued to operate and governments rioplatenses dialogue began looking for a deal.

Internationally, a explosion of an oil rig company British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico caused the spill of 660 tons of oil for 4 months, with the consequent death of hundreds of animals and pollution in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

25: The Gualeguaychú Environmental Assembly expressed at the San Martin International Bridge, which connects the city with the Uruguayan Fray Bentos, in rejection opinion of the Court in The Hague and demanded the closure of the former Botnia.

26: After spending nine days in a coma, died in Buenos Aires city of Las Heras Bruzzoni Carola, 40, who had been attacked with sledgehammer by fellow Silvia Luna , given the probable spread of a video in which Luna appeared with a lover in your bridal shower.
27 : The Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the pardons to José Alfredo Martinez de Hoz , Minister of Economy during the dictatorship and civil responsibility more repression.

In the City of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe Avenue again be double hand after 43 years, the streets Anchorena and Borges.


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