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Do Celebrities Wear Panties

in review: October 2010

As last post is the summary of the year in 2010 -the remaining two months post them next week, with different balances in other areas-is month is almost certainly the most remembered Argentines this year. The rescue of 33 Chilean miners the crime the militant Ferreyra and Mariano death of former President Nestor Kirchner were the events that marked this month.

This happened in October :

03: The candidate for president of Brazil the Workers' Party (PT) Dilma Rousseff won the election with 46 percent of votes , but not enough to proclaim himself as the successor to his fellow Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. His opponent in the runoff would José Serra, the Party of Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB) , which won 32 percent. Third out the Green Party candidate Marina Silva, with almost 20 percent of the vote .

04 : English Robert Edwards, who created IVF vitro (assisted) ago 33, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine .

07: The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature .

: in China generated a stir the Nobel Prize for Peace activist communist dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was arrested last year , not heard the news. For the award were also nominated the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, so far recovered 102 grandchildren appropriate during the last dictatorship .

09: The T-130 drilling reached the shelter Chilean miners trapped 622 meters deep and, with it, started the final leg In preparation for the rescue.

In Argentina, President used Twitter social network for c pirate alificar the British for the start of military activities in the Falkland Islands .

And as for the activity of the show, the actor was operated Carlos Calvo after suffering a stroke. Carlin recovered from a stroke in 1999 .

13: 0.10 At the world witnessed a remarkable moment in history , similar or greater than the moon landing in 1969. At that time, emerged from the bowels of the earth the miner, the capsule Florencio Avalos Phoenix 2, after 69 days of being trapped inside the San Jose site in Copiapo . Throughout the day the rescue was completed of the remaining 32 workers, which ended at 21.55 to the output of shift manager Luis Urzua that asked Chilean President Sebastián Piñera that this episode does not repeat anymore .

14: At the same time rose to the surface Manuel Gonzalez, the last rescuer he joined the San Jose mine to coordinate the rescue of 33 miners in Chile, Argentine Vice President Julio Cobos again a tie vote in the Senate with a vote against the Government's interests , as Resolution 125 in July 2008. This time 82% approved mobile afternoon vetoed by President , which accused opposition of wanting to defund and break the State .

18 : Tons of garbage were strewn in the streets of the City due to a strike scavengers.

20: A gang association shot struck first in the Buenos Aires district of Avellaneda, and then in the neighborhood of barracks for contract workers dismissed line militants Rock and organizations left, killing at Mariano Ferreyra, a student and member of Workers Party (PO) 23, and seriously wounds Elsa Rodriguez, 56.

21: The Government decided to move to Buenos Aires sample Technopolis , with which it was to close in November, Bicentennial celebrations, because of the negative head of government to allow exhibition of science and technology .

In Formosa, a strong tornado completely destroyed the town of Pozo del Tigre .

24: The weekend ended with the arrests of Paul Cristian Diaz and Favale, alleged perpetrators of the aggression that took the life of Mariano Ferreyra .

27 : At 9.15, he died of a heart attack in El Calafate, Santa Cruz, former President Nestor Kirchner, 60, who served well until the last time as Secretary General of UNASUR, head of the Peronist Party (PJ) and Congressman .

The death occurred the same day held Bicentennial National Census , for the first time included questions on indigenous peoples and gender identity, including gay families.

Thousands of people are self at 20, once the Census to remind the former President in the Plaza de Mayo .

28 : More hundred thousand people, mostly youths, were 20 blocks tail and attended the funeral of Nestor Kirchner at the Casa Rosada, a closed box . Came too much of the Presidents in the region, and dozens of world diplomats sent his condolences to President Cristina Fernández widow.

29 : Néstor Kirchner's remains were fired by a crowd in Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz , and were housed in the cemetery of that city.

30: The best footballer in history, Diego Maradona , turned 50 between moans about not being able to continue leading the Selection Argentina .

31: In Brazil , The official candidate Dilma Rousseff reached 56 percent of the vote beat the opponent Jose Serra in the second round of presidential elections. assume the January 1, 2011 and will be the first female president of Brazil .


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