Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brent Corrigan Vs Brent Everett

Make a summary of a year is a great opportunity to take stock and prepare for the future. The yearbook journalism Magnifier, which already has editions in January and February, then I will provide an excellent chance to appear again on radio, as that time Oct. 23.

As on that occasion, I will Saturday, 15 to 17, midpoint, just point to a reality full of ends ( ), on 99.3 FM Radio Free ( ), but now featuring the complete summary of 2010, a year full of memorable events nationally and internationally.

Besides Alejandro Caminos, Gulman and Luke Augustine Miraglia, try to remember those important topics of the year draws to a close, without losing sight of both topical concern.

The invitation is made, so I can only wish that we listen and leave an excellent program, as they always do Ale, Agus and Lucas.


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