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Melanoma Burning Leg Pain

Víctor Hugo Morales by a colleague

known for many years by the story of the 2 ° goal from Diego Armando Maradona to England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, made famous by the phrase "cosmic barrel, what planet are you ? ", journalist Víctor Hugo Morales has another side not so well known until some time.

Victor Hugo launched from the middle of the 90s a battle alone against Grupo Clarín. The privatization of pensions ( AFJP ) and football (TOS ) were the topics that led to Victor Hugo to get on the sidewalk opposite the most read daily in this country.

During the administration of President Cristina Fernandez, pension funds be returned to state, was implemented Football after all that all Argentines could see the first football Division-free in order that ALL access to this benefit is not yet completed, but the program reaches more than 25 million inhabitants, and designed a new law regulating the audiovisual media, Services Act Audiovisual Communication, which replaced the old and unfair Broadcasting Act, passed during the last military dictatorship.

past few months I have great pleasure to hear in the morning, and what attracts me most Víctor Hugo Morales is your unlimited freedom. Beyond agree or disagree with their positions, in the vast majority and a minority agree to disagree-it is admirable to confront the powerful whom many are afraid to cast his and freely in a radio message in which, generally have colleagues with a vision very different from his.

In a year when politics became polarized Argentina, Victor Hugo was accompanied by many colleagues in that battle had begun, initially, only , and was branded endlessly about "ultraoficialista" and even got to say that had been purchased by the Government, after having turned against the Resolution 125 in 2008 because that was a reasonably fair. Even the magazine News this week described him as "the worst period of 2010, based on the results of a survey.

Simply, I believe, as I said above, Victor Hugo is a freelance journalist , who says what he has to say and not shut nothing: if you have to shoot against something or someone, do not hesitate to do so. And defend to the death everything considered fair.

To try to understand why there was a twist course of Victor Hugo in his position, his partner in "Morning " Claudio César Ferri, last year drafted the article entitled " What happens to Victor Hugo Morales? "which then paste into your blog:

"I know Victor Hugo Morales from 1981, when he arrived in the country to tell football at a time when those who were following the radio broadcasts were devoted almost the American reporter, José María Muñoz.

soccer for the huge mass was conceived almost no other way to do radio without hearing the fat contact the Marambio Base in Antarctica, or airing the Steward at the end of each match to say " José María, for the National Lottery officials confirmed that the outcome of the match PRODE number six is \u200b\u200blocal, Independiente 3 Banfield 0 . "

The East was gaining the ta ta ta "as Diego Maradona's Boca climbed on the table, to keep the championship, and meanwhile a radio show called" Sport 80 " began to open up the head. To tell the Admiral Lacoste was more than the president of EAM'78. That being human right and did not mean to hit him with his right hand, not unlike the species.

And so we grew up, shaking off the dust and knocking down the archaic mental structures simply with the sound exercise of thinking. To make a neuron is connected to another shooting an energetic reaction, leading to a final result and I do not remember where, but something positive out of it.

We shudder to the "cosmic barrel, what planet are you from? "and the victory lap of the Argentina in Mexico '86.

to all this and the concepts of Victor Hugo made us begin to suspect that some unusual stew was cooked in the street Viamonte 1300, in conjunction with the company's T every Sunday at 22 pm. spinning on the screen and from there we could see the goal of Lanús the Friday evening. Or at thirty seconds of fame for each team to the business corporation did not find it serves their interests.

- What happens to Victor Hugo?

Julio Grondona, associated with the national government, kick the board and terminated the contract of the Clarín group company and gave birth to a still far more perfectible " Football for All." Ninety minutes of screen for a Boca - River, as well as for Tigre - Atlético Tucumán. Millions of Argentines the gate of his house to Riquelme, Gallardo, Veron and many others without the condition of having the amount of cable per day (if not the payment of the code).

Victor Hugo was designated as the official spokesperson for the move but many were unaware of the titanic struggle over fifteen years long been a cry in the wilderness and now unleashed a storm.

Almost simultaneously launched the " media law", to which the natural journalist earnestly Cardona joined after doing a thorough analysis and would like many have done, but for that we must overcome laziness, and one of the things that cost the man to admit mistakes, be wrong.

Debate by her employers to scam the clubs. Debate on media law, which limits the concentration of information management. Debate on the purchase of $ 2 million by former President Nestor Kirchner, who gave his reasons in an e-mail and telephone chara journalist. Debate on what, at least, calls into question the actions of the camouflaged business groups " independent journalism." Debate, discussion, debate ...

- What happens to Victor Hugo? is the hose that time to this part of me is broaching many people who know that I share much of the workday with Morales. " do not hear more, was sold to the government. Kirchner defends. "

recently asked if he feared being labeled as not for their comments Kirchner, Morales said: " the only thing that I have fear is to cease being free ." It is often said that you should never put your hands in the fire for anyone, but when it comes to principled conviction of Victor Hugo, at least on their hands feet to the fire.

# clause required before continuing: the employment relationship and friendship with Victor Hugo have nothing to do with the merits. Twenty-seven years of journalism (alternating many bad and some good) but let me calm before you might think when reading this comment. I mention this because it is a journalist who refer those who commented me.

I just move, if she could, shaking the mindset of those who express it. Now if, at the heart of the matter.

What happens to Victor Hugo? - "Are you crazy? A day with a pipe gives the Government, and the next day defender? "Still ringing voices.

So make us blind hatred and passion that keeps us from thinking and accept that people are right and they are wrong? Or make us happier attitudes bordering on obedience?

What happens to us as individuals and as society in general?. So short, we have our limit of tolerance, which prevents us from even listening to a thought opposite to ours?. Can not we stop, pay attention and provide a minimal chance of reason to what appears on the sidewalk in front?

Do not be another reaction to the radio and give off an imaginary door on solid arguments who holds a position other than their own?

In short, do a review or a second reading of Victor Hugo's arguments would allow us healthy and exercise often forgotten think. But it seems that many choose the simplicity of the half-turn and move on.

For years and years, and as an example, society is fed from the top of great Argentine daily. Thus for many it was like the Bible, the sacred word.

Today, perhaps as a Pharisee, there is someone telling us what to think, analyze together what happens to the society and its relationship with the media.

Debate, discussion, debate ...

What happens to society?

is in every one of us to accept the challenge to think or the easy way to change the dial. "


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