Saturday, December 25, 2010

Para Que Sirve El Betamethasone Valerate


As you know, last Saturday I presented at Midpoint ; or a bit or the other the summary of the year I've been posting too on the blog.

Here you can listen to the last program cycle of drivers involved Augustine Gulman, Alejandro Caminos , technology columnist Miraglia Lucas, the band Thánatus, Abel Road and me.

yearbook also presented, the program included the interpretation of various themes of national and international rock by Thánatus and an interview with the Buenos Aires legislature Civic Coalition Sergio Abrevaya , who spoke about their projects, management of the Head of Government of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri and prospects for elections next year.

Midpoint will from next year in Free Radio (FM 99.3) . I hope he continues the same or better than this year, which already was excellent.


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