Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tyre Pressure Zip Piaggio


summer and is just garbage and dirt are piled in Aguadú without cleaning workers have been working in the area as in other beaches of our coastline.

bottles, plastics, food waste, in the picture we see a box of shrimp that someone was lying there for lunch leaving the container, broken shoes, rags, debris, abandoned bait, feces .. .

One of the most beautiful bathing and Melilla peculiar risks becoming a dumping ground because of the lack of the slightest civility and shame of many of its users and the lack of attention to authorities do not respect the minimum rules of coexistence in Aguadú appears to be "a no man's land" within our city.
This summer is almost over but I hope these lines will serve to draw attention to the situation in Aguadú of the forthcoming summer season, when you're close and we will remember from this blog.

If we do not all, users and authorities, Aguadú can be turned into a dump where only enjoy the seagulls and cats.


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