Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dot And Cross Diagram For Calcium Oxide


On the coast of Melilla will not be felt unless the tides in some episodes of tides on the Atlantic coast but the tidal range can be several meters. The ebb and flow of the tide is also an ebb and flow of marine life and as though sometimes the morphology of the coast, you can create ponds and small lakes in waves that just do not stay dry at low tide. These ponds are home to its own people adapted to this cycle of tides.

Off the coast of Rota and Chipiona find the so-called "pens" that are surrounded by man-made stone retaining inside at low tide fish, octopus and shellfish carried by the tide.

These photographs were taken on a piece of coast, as you can see, neither a virgin nor enjoys special protection, but where marine life abounds despite all, life we can simply enjoy strolling among the tide pools that form. This shows the great power of generating life is the sea despite the destructive action of man.

species living in these pools based on camouflage to survive in high water and are exposed to predatory fish at low tide and the sea gulls and other species of seabirds.

Even small shrimp are caught in these ponds at low tide.

hope that our children and grandchildren can still enjoy the marine life in its natural environment .


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