Monday, December 14, 2009

How Fast Do Bladder Tumors Grow


The cavern media strikes again, now go for a tireless fighter for freedom, a freedom fighter, a fighter for the fight of the weak by an alleged video I made the right-wing journalist Herman Tresch (all my wishes early quick recovery, so that locals can enjoy your program) to which a few days later he received a beating, by fascists. The most serious is the interpretation of Madrid President Esperanza Aguirre accusing a decent man of having provoked the beating.

A curious fact is that this reporter did not present any complaint, why? Is the same, here we go again with the same ultra cavern took positions, ready to face the English that we are English. I say proudly: I AM SPANISH AND CATALAN AND SOY SOY SOY EXTREME√ĎO MADRID AND ABOVE ALL AND I AM A WORKER, but no English flags, patriotic or obsolete.

Today the media and the public's center-left must take a step forward, united, above our personal interests and media. Today we want to lower our labor rights in the future, no, not going to allow, because we have no moral truth, but whether they boast but they lack.

I arrived today in London and Spain has relocated me sad. Wyoming does not deserve this is happening, no one deserves this, I want to express my unequivocal support for Wyoming and all the people who suffer insults from sites such as Telemadrid, the World, or COPE Onda Cero. Friends who give up for those who have no voice are indebted to you, we disagree is true, but your freedom is our daily bread to rise and keep fighting.

In the corner of the history of this country will be parked are not wet and stay in our memory those who fought for a better country, anonymous or public. Thanks to El Pais Groups, the plural and the SER as the oxygen that allows us to breathe every day, the public believe in you I read and I'm an anonymous face in your life, who select the items (please need only ask let me say to those who want what I feel) who does not select them and reads them to you if you believe in God, as you do if you do not believe in anything, you who get up at 6 am to feed your children or pay the mortgage.

I already go to sleep now, hopefully tomorrow I'll rise again undertake my studies, but take in the hearts and heads of those who do that this is still our little utopia, a small utopia, but a utopia without dogmas. By the way thanks


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