Saturday, December 26, 2009

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The Golden River mouth has different ways based on factors such as time of year, storm water flood, the prevailing winds, the storms from the east or west, and human action as the discharge of sand intended summers ago outmaneuver the nature covering the mouth of the river to extend the length of the beach .

These days it has formed a sandbar has blinded the traditional mouth of the river while a few hundred feet north opened a drain that shown in the picture.

As an effect of the sand bar, the pond that forms in the mouth of the river has been increasing its length flooding beach areas and creating islands that are used by waterfowl and fish as lookout points rest.

Egrets and sandpipers are the new owners of these plots beachfront.

Despite garbage and debris that infect our river, new examples of aquatic birds are frequent visitors join the mouth of the River Oro

hope you are
how to save and integrate into the urban landscape this small oasis of natural life that we still have in Melilla.


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