Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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I'm not racist but ... Being left

We have heard this phrase thousands of times, and so far we have not received the attention it deserved, right and left interest because it has always been unable to take positions that please the citizenship and this has led to populism has succeeded, putting fear citizenship, unfortunately misinformed.

This article is about the new pantochada, because it has another name Vic mayor, a city ruled by CiU, PSC i ERC but where the second largest political party is a racist and extreme right, a game similar to Le Pen, the Northern League or the Italian Popular Party Portuguese, and where the mayor recently decided that the CiU has not registered to illegal immigrants. What does this mean? For example, this means that public health may not be that their children could not go to public school, we are ultimately denied basic fundamental rights.

is not a trivial issue, and I decided to make a break in my studies to write this article, for sounding the alarm for warn anyone who'll listen and do not want to be a more ignorant, that immigrants are people, people like you and me, we need them when the economy grows and has rights and duties of course, to be enforced as any other English .

is not true that immigrants receive more aid than the English, the aid is given in terms of household income, and it happens that they are the least income have, speaking in a clear, are the most poorest of the poor. We have used them as cheap labor in Italy have been expelled, humiliated and vilified, here we did the work we refused, "because This work is indecent, "he said. And this catches us by surprise because we all remember the race riots in El Ejido.

Danger, if this is the word danger, great danger, racism is a palpable reality to the left we have to give an output. For example, I am in favor of banning all religious symbols in public places and have expressed my fellow French Socialist Party.

conclude by reminding the mayor Vic has no power to do that nonsense and reminding my colleagues of the PSC should vote against or leave as they should do well the ERC. So I hope that this proposal is rejected and still hope something more: That we are sensible and do not fall into the trap of blaming the least defenses have, because no human being deserves degrading treatment we give to those who come from outside. If even the Vatican newspaper has criticized him, and knowing how is the Church, we must reflect.


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