Friday, October 23, 2009

Self Contained Sinks For Hair Salon


This is an old image, about thirty years ago where we can see the channel under the Gold River Highway height Hidum. On the banks of the river we see vegetation, gardens and but I could not see in the picture, at that time the river still held animal life in its waters and shores.

now and despite the tremendous degradation suffered by the environment in the Melilla area, we can still find some of that old image of the river near its mouth.

A small pond where fish and waterfowl found in varying numbers depending on the time of the year who have found a place of refuge.

some time are being carried out renovation work on the river training various areas. Works that are destroying every vestige of vegetation in the areas affected by such works.
both old photos and descriptions of the Golden River has left us the history of our city, always refers to the reeds that grew on its banks and the agricultural use of its plain.

After this work is only concrete. Will we lose the little that remains of the former Gold River collapsed under the concrete?.

understand that act on a river whose course runs mostly through another country is difficult, but it seems that in Melilla is raised, even as those things that are said to be good environmental managers, having turned the riverbed in a "green corridor" where they try to preserve something of what defines a river wildlife.


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