Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unlocking Mailbox On T7316e Nortel

In the era of confusion

are times where the left declines your thoughts with other keys. Only thinking about our lives and plans to mark a future without perspective, always looking to the past and imposing as the sole reference false truths left and right.

Much of the contemporary left has lost its values \u200b\u200band has enthroned the value of the price, the commodification of rights. Live desnortada own ideas and lack of feed and endorses the neo-liberalism.

hide dark times we live the dream and utopia, we made our hopelessness and resistance to change, we have lost the illusion of living in a happy world and we just move the selfish desire to keep and accumulate. Be confused with being, value for money, have to share the immediate future ...

poverty, wars, poverty, famine, ecological disasters, violence, ... part of the spectacle of the media that make conscience submissive and uncritical minds. The powerful display

undaunted its filth and excessive greed, the poor are erased from our consciousness, the wars are part of the inevitable, misery and hunger necessary evils; ...

Fortunately nothing is eternal. In the confusion and chaos born a new order, a strong mind and will inevitably be a thing of the past. A not live by a new renaissance and recover the taste for simplicity, the pursuit of happiness of selfishness and contempt.


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