Friday, October 30, 2009

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Be Honest: Scam

Again, if this pseudo science, which as noted Maruja Torres on Thursday, is anything but consistent. Reputable analysts and ex-ministers tell us that the government does not control the situation, improvise, as well: What partly to blame have we / as the citizens?

right now in class we were talking about tax evasion, and I'm still amazed when I found that the entire class justifying tax evasion and sought the elimination of inheritance tax, something the latter that seems absolutely preposterous to working people who every day has got to have a house or property, but I think a tax is necessary for large fortunes have been earned legally or doubtful.

normality with which he spoke in my class to defraud tax law stuns me, people who are able to defraud the IRS with twenty or twenty does which creates a very promising future. Their motto is simple: At least contribute better, honest scam. And I'm talking about future jurists, lawyers, prosecutors or judges.

can not head may go in this worldview, how they think they pay hospitals, education, police, or the lion's share of college tuition? With taxes and these taxes should be, undoubtedly, progressive, ie who have more pay more and who have less pay less. Even in a Democratic Party conference in the United States in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bwhich I attended on Wednesday, they were the very American agreement raise taxes in order to choose between private or public health.

For by what you see in Spain is not here "fool the last" save as you can and if you can scam. In these conditions I'm not willing to live if people do not understand that to be the standard of living in Sweden must pay a 46% tax and may not have the modus Vivendis paying 23% now, forget it .

Or better: Be Honest: swindle


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