Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hemoglobin And Valve Replacement

Reagrupament: The nova Lliga Nord

Bé ara Catalunya already has what it needed: a party of extreme right, xenophobic, racist and classist. Clearly this is a great move by the nationalist right out to the progressive government in this time of Catalonia a country is doing better, slowly, but a country that no longer hung and "paint" something in state politics, something radically different to 23 years of government CiU and PP where Catalonia was a victim of the system.

Carter is a dark character, involved in matters of corruption when he was mayor of Puigcerda and has more to do with the Italian Northern League, which as I said is an extreme right party, that the traditional right. It's a game that's intended as C face citizenship as the former Yugoslavia, a party of populist tendency, a party that have depreciated the Catalan surname, in short in both games are now looking to reduce rights for immigrants, the most weak and non-purebred Catalan.

Another aspect is pitiful that a party has extreme right as a guest presenter of the Catalan public television, Miquel Calzada, better known as Miki Moto we pay all of you Catalans. If there is a bit of dignity TV3 cease issuing any program of this gentleman, or imagine that a public television make apology for fascism or any extremist ideology?

And forget the club president that if he would love himself, possible candidate of the extreme right, which is dedicated to make out his driver at half Macià or its dubious morality.

In short, if the law of parties was more consistent in not only outlawed Batasuna, but it should do with the Falange, Democracy 2000, and of course Catalan Unity Rally because otherwise Catalonia as a country leave much be desired.


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