Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Write Card Someone Who Just Had A Baby

JOSE ANTONIO González Casanova *

The ghost of Paul Joseph Goebbels, whom Hitler appointed by his successor will be encouraged at the sight of any of his hated democracy is in danger and he likes to check whether the application of the 11 principles of propaganda strategy, which ended German democracy. No happy returns always to his beloved personal hell, but has not lacked joy. With the neocons and the Bush ranch junior did not stop clapping excitedly. Too bad about Obama.

I of Spain itself had gone well, but in the end it went from ready Aznar 11-M Goebbels. Luckily Rajoy, Acebes Zaplana and took advantage of a four-year period in its strategy, worthy of a perfect 10 as. Of course, had a tremendous shock for CP congress slated to hear from Rajoy: "We understand the political action from the restraint, dialogue and coexistence." He promised to monitor the PP following the Government's opposition to see if it had betrayed its anti-democratic ideals and forgotten its 11 principles.
penetrated a few days ago, with great ease, at home party central Madrid in the Calle Genova # 13, and there he began to review the secret protocols and press cuttings of recent months, particularly those Some newspapers that have always applied the techniques of propaganda fervor, typical of a classic. The

first two principles are met without fainting. Political rival (PSOE) was still presented as a single principal enemy, personified in one individual: Zapatero.

The third, charged with the same defects and errors that have or make the accuser, applied well, according to the press. ZP offered no solution to the crisis and did not care about their victims, he defended President Camps Valencia because "for lies and slander have to win the decency to Paco ', pressured the judges, thus discrediting the institutions .
The fourth principle, exaggerate or distort any story of rival, however small, as if it were a serious threat, its funny performance made him laugh. Judge Garzón hunting the Minister of Justice was a pretty good trick. What's daughter Chaves Gürtel showed that the plot was nothing compared to the corruption of the father and a sentence to the flight of the vice president became absolutely certain that the attorney general had his orders to appeal against the acquittal by a judge Camps friend of the soul. The fifth recommended

adapt to the low intelligence of the people, including little and forget easily. Here Goebbels gave outstanding Rajoy. How wonderful to proclaim that victory in the European elections will forget the plot Correa corrupt! Clear yes, the populace is oblivious.
A well-known phrase of the sixth principle, a lie repeated a hundred times becomes truth for the masses, was missing, according to Goebbels, more insistently. Lie had changed often. Was much better record on repeating that ZP was complicit in ETA and despised their victims. Should exceed a hundred times.

Before the seventh principle had to acknowledge that its implementation may compensate for the failure of the last, agility bombarded with new charges at a rate that, when the enemy responds, people interested in something else. The illegal wiretapping of the PP had pace: Rajoy girl from the beach, then Arenas Bocanegra González Pons, Trillo and finally Rajoy, insurance at all because, in 1995, Narcis Serra resigned for that reason. Without evidence, but they appear virtually skip a day every other newspapers.

And suddenly, a twist: the PP is not prosecuted for espionage (the leader of Aguirre constant), but with peper accused of corruption, in handcuffs before television cameras. Not bad. By the way is met with silence ninth principle issues in discussion when there are no arguments.

Goebbels saw no need to inquire whether arguments were constructed from various unrelated news (top eight) through the stack of examples provided by newspapers and television addicts. Instead, the application of principles disappointed the last two Teutonic ghost.

Rajoy, to flirt with CiU, and did not encourage the catalanofobia much as before, although attacked for charitable funding for Catalonia and, therefore, did not use the complex traditional hatreds and prejudices that influence primitive mentalities (top tenth). I knew a little way to convince people that think like everyone else, that is, as Rajoy (Principle 11). ZP repeat that cheat, fraud and undermine the English does not ensure that most of them give the hint. But Goebbels left Genoa 13 with the hope that the continuing expansion Correa accused in the plot (more than 100 according to the press) require the PP to be even more faithful to Goebbels for his fame continues to rise since committed suicide to avoid falling into the clutches of the hated democracy.

* Professor of Constitutional Law and essayist


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