Monday, September 14, 2009

Woman Get Sharked On Tape

Basketball Manifestations

Well today I will not talk politics, but basketball, sport, government and the President has been practicing and I hope to continue doing so when it recovers the form that I should never lose. But that is another story.

The English basketball is making a very discreet Europe, not to mention outright bad: a coach who has not lined up the height, not of how he did Pepu, not even the eleventh part as played with Aito in Beijing.

We have a defense that is not a defense (the best defense Greece), a little fluid attacks (The best attack the Serbs), do not press (no selection it too well, except for the Lakovic Slovenia) and especially the coach appears unable to react when things go wrong, it raises some bad defenses and also the limited amount efficiency in three-pointers and free throws in the selection, as is evident we can not blame him, but some players really tired and without the direction given Calderón in office base, which has been replaced Ricky Rubio a stringing too many mistakes, and the selection seems that he has become too big for one so young. Let not your fault, besides the other two bases and López Cabezas fall short than expected.

I sincerely believe in this team on Raul Lopez, Llull, Claver and Mumbrú and missing (apart from Calderon), instead of four, Sergio Rodriguez that lends an air power to the computer when it is in court and a connection Rudy brutal, Sergi Vidal will bring more snaps on to the defense and a greater explosion in the English attack, sure to win Llull over the years but now is too green, Fran Vazquez has curdled a huge season at Barcelona and bring more inner game and intimidation on defense and finally Pau Ribas, pure energy on offense, shooting three and brazenness of Llull lacking. Obviously

Marc Gasol is wrong to throw the blame on Llull by the error in the last shot against Turkey, with a spectacular Ilyasova, when it is obvious that the fault was Scariolo that should probably think very much to gamble with Pau Gasol, no as a guarantee of success (in the European final shot missed the decisive Madrid against Russia), but simply because Gasol is mentally stronger and recover sooner.

Ultimately my predictions, which I hope I'm wrong, are: Slovenia first, second Turkey or Greece, Greece or Turkey and Spain third quarter. Again I hope I'm wrong but this would need a coach selection as Pepu Hernandez, and maybe a new FEB president who is above personal grudges and not dismiss those who made us world champions.


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