Thursday, September 10, 2009

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fascists pass in the name of democracy

In the name of democracy, the barbarians, fascists, proclaim freedom they never accepted. The Phalanx has called a demonstration and no one has forbidden to be carried out soon in Arenys de Munt in favor of a supposed unity of Spain. The fascists demand freedom of speech, such that for forty years we refused them all, and even democracy is allowed the luxury of entering the universities where they used chains and beatings to those who beat themselves called "Red."

And here is the dilemma do you have right to demonstrate? Legally think so, but is it moral to let it become obvious that if they can prevent any manifestation? No of course not clear who can not demonstrate as much as the law for protection, those who want to destroy democracy can not afford to demonstrate why they have the right to demonstrate which are the same dogs with different collars, ie The Falange as Batasuna is banned?

Democrats have wrong concept of democracy, believing that those who want to demonstrate on behalf of a misunderstood freedom after them if rule could let us do the same. Not resort to the law of Godwind, but if it is clear that the Nazis won in Germany, using democracy and they destroyed themselves and pursued those who believed it was a perfect system, which unfortunately is not.

is why the Councillor Saura should prohibit, without any fear of the event, or failing that judges act according to law and democracy will not let them receive another blow as hard. Justice must adapt to social realities, should know is stupid to hold a pro-fascist demonstration as to allow an illegal referendum in Arenys. If we allow

they manifest themselves in the background we will be giving a kick where it hurts to democracy, so you decide, democracy itself, but democracy must be prevented in those who have given ample evidence that not only believe in it, if not that when they have been in power have destroyed and killed and killed all those who thought differently to them, but will relapse into the same error? We hope that common sense is above justice, because laws can be changed, but what if they return to rule apply these laws? Think, please.


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