Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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The Cutting del Rosario II

Before remodeling north coast of Melilla, the Cutting of Rosario reached the sea, as we see in this picture file Melilla Studies Association.

As we see in the picture below is part of the file Melilla Studies Association, the Cutting branches flowed built mine to defend the fort of Rosario, seriously threatened during the Moroccan siege 1774 - 1775 from the so-called attack Puntilla. Today these mines are boarded mouths as we see in another photograph taken today.

The Cutting gave a strong departure of the Rosary cover the external field by means of a lifting plate. In the next picture we see the remains of this output and part of the mouths of the branches bricked mine.

From this output was produced on January 9, 1775 the "attack command 12 sent by the exiled after the companies fixed Martín Alonso after finishing with Moroccan Sentinels, destroyed a mine throwing hand grenades skylights for ventilation and fire it from the enemy trench, after which they returned unharmed to the square.

The fourth defensive enclosure of Melilla was closed by the sea by a wall which started the fort of Rosario. Here we see the remains of the beginning of that wall.

Remains of the defensive wall of the sea. This wall is joined to other elements of the fortifications of Melilla to close the circuit with the third enclosure.

In this photograph from the early twentieth century we can see the wall and the various defensive elements of the sea side of the room enclosure.


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