Friday, November 5, 2010

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From the access road to the new beach of the Cut have a magnificent view of one of the most picturesque of which were part of the defenses of fortified quarter of Melilla: The Cutting of the Rosary.

The Cutting was a continuation of strong pit Rosario on the slope of the sea cliff to save a height of 50 meters. It was built to peak force for inmates serving sentences in Melilla in the mid eighteenth century.

Strong Cutting del Rosario and closed the northern apex of the fourth enclosure defensive complex of Melilla.

The Cutting function was to prevent the enemy advancing up the side of the cliff or slope used to dig mines to deposit the Rosary. The best proof he suffered was the siege of 1774 to 1775.

The construction of the road from the Citadel in the seventies of last century Cortadura irreversibly damaged.

cost nothing to place a plaque indicating that this is the Cutting of the Rosary and explain their role in the defense of Melilla eighteenth century.


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