Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Glam Up A Skirt


As usual after each temporary lift, it again had to carry out the cleaning and conditioning of the beaches of San Lorenzo and Tawny.

These days have seen a small army of workers engaged in the task of removing the huge amount of waste and plant debris that rains have washed downstream to our shores. Have also collected numerous specimens of reptiles and amphibians typical of this area who have done what we might call their "annual migration" to our surfing beaches on the Gold River flood

One aspect of these floods that we would all be taken into account is the amount of plastic that are thrown uncontrollably and end up polluting our seas and is very difficult to find clean zones of these wastes not even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

would need to reach an understanding with Morocco to protect the Oro river channel as a whole could become a "greenway" to its source.


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